450 ohm Twinlead J-Pole for 2M / 144Mhz

If you have 60 inches of this stuff kicking around you could have a neat lol 144Mhz J-Pole in minutes. Take one end and strip the instulation off both wires and solder them together. Measure up from that 1.25 inches and remove a the instulation from both sides, this is where you solder the coax onto. From the bottom measure up 18.5 inches and cut off one side leaving only one side of the twin lead connected. The only thing left is to connect the center conductor to the twin lead on the side that is the longest and the shield of the coax to the shortest side in length. You may need to move the connections up or down slightly to get a good swr reading but I got a 1:1.3 on my first try which is quite acceptible. It is very hard to get a 1:1 I am told with these type of antennas but it is possible if you have the patience.

You can place this into a pvc pipe to keep it out of the elements, but note this will affect the swr reading. I hooked this up to my bicycle using a already existing plastic flag whip as a support. I used black electrical tape to insulate followed by a silicone base to completly seal it from the elements. To help you with the design follow the pictures and diagrams below