About The Linux Wolf Pack

About the Author

I have been involved in linux and programming since my early teens and have assisted in several projects and made a few of my own programs both linux and windows based. Although I have been concentrating more efforts on linux at work lately. I graduated from a college IT program back in 2002 and have been involved intensely into the computer and electronic field since. More info for linux enthusiasts and programmers can be found on my linux page.

I started my ham radio hobby when my uncle showed it to me in my late teens. I am extensivly involved in all aspects of the hobby: QRP, portable operations, PSK, RTTY, Voice, search and rescue, antenna design and construction, and as I am learning more and more I am also doing CW. However I am quite rusty with it still, not too many people will dumb down to my speed ;-). you can see more about my ham radio adventures on my ham radio page. I know I am slow to put up things every now and then as I do quite a few websites on the side and as any html writer will tell you once youve typed it out for more than 4 hours a night you really done want to work on your own site, no matter how important it is.

I have always wanted to give back to the linux community that has helped me soo much throughout the years and hence came this site. I am not much to babbel and go on about myself so if you want any more info about me and my projects email me and I will be happy to help out in any way I can.

About the Website

This site has essentially existed in several forms. At first to host a few of my own programs, then to have information about linux and how to program with it. However it now exists to do a general all of the above and most importantly host the focal point for all members with the wolf pack network. With my growing activities involving ham radio I have included what I thought would be helpful to others as well.

The L.W.P.N. is a collection of computers accessibile from any internet connection. Which I have set up for programming networking and programming groups in hopes others will teach and learn with their other peers. Our network now has the following system architectures: I386, P42.4, Sparc Station, Sun Microsystems box and a risc server. All boxes are available to members to let their code be non platform specific and to see how well their code and programs run on different architectures.

Currently due to my finances I can not afford to do any upgrading or purchasing of new equipment. Therefore I can no longer accept new members...we are maxed out on HD space. If you would like to help out by donating old machines or any other suitable donations please contact me in supporting linux, programming and paying it forward to other techno geeks :-)