Linux Software

  • 1/4 Wave antenna with ground plane    -:: DOWNLOAD ::-

    Another little application written to help aid in vertical antenna construction. Enter the freqency in Mhz and click calculate it will give you the length for the radiating element as well as the ground plane elements. Ideally for radials you should have them sloped downward at a 45 degree angle to help provide a better match. As with all gambas programs they need the gambas runtime to work wich is a simple install from any major distribution

  • Loop Antenna Calculator    -:: DOWNLOAD ::-

    After trying out a friend 144Mhz loop and finding out how neat they operate I made my own. To help in the construction of loops I made this program. Enter in the frequency and velocity factor of the 75 Ohm coax you will be using then hit calculate.

    You might want to look at my Coax Cable Chart under the ham radio section of the site for information on the velocity factors of your coax cable if you do not know yours.

  • Ham Radio Logger V2.0    -:: DOWNLOAD ::-    -:: MANUAL ::-

    All I needed was a simple bare bones way of logging my contacts I made on my computer. I will probably end up doing another one but for now it suits my needs. It allows input for callsign, frequency, mode, date, time, signal, and a space for notes you wish to make for each contact. Saves to a log for review, and allows you to save the log to a text file. Quick simple to the point and functional programing. Make contacts add them to the log, then once your done yacking on the air, append that sessions logs to a master log.

    ::: System Requirements :::

    Computer running Linux OS with X server. Should be noted this was used on a windows system by two users who ported linux libraries to their windows systems 800x600 resolution (1024x768 or greater to view maps in full screen) gambas-gb-qt and gambas-runtime, because this program was written in gambas and it needs the gambas runtime files in order to function.

    ::: Version 2.0 :::

    Features added in this version:

    -Capitalized Call Sign: When you add a contact the stations call sign is now automatically capitalized

    -Status Bar: A status bar has been added so you have more of an idea about the programs operations as well the last action performed

    -New Log sheet: I changed the log so that it is in columns instead of plain text, allowing easier access and readibility to the log

    -Editing a existing contact: You can now click on a contact and change anything to do with that contact. Useful if you have typed in a wrong call sign or wish to update notes or any other information.

    -Auto insert. You can now optionally via radio buttons to have the current date and time entered into each respected field. I added this option as most are logging their contact like I do, while I am making a QSO. This saves a few seconds from entering these fields manually.

    -Appending to log. A useful addition for when you have an existing log and you need to add on your current contacts to the older log.

    -Closeing warning. If closing the program and you havent saved all your contacts it will now prompt you to save or discard your entries.

    -Call Sign prefix lookup. While or after the contact has been made you can now look up via the operators prefix his home QTH

    -Maps. As well as the prefix lookup I have added 4 maps to help you find out where in the world your contact is. Also helpful if your the type to work grids, cq zones etc and want to know where they are. Many thanks to those who emailed maps to me. I hope more will be added in future versions as well as maybe some contesting add ons.

  • DiPole and Inverted V Calculator    -:: DOWNLOAD ::-

    Enter the frequency in Mhz and hit calculate, thats it. It gives you the measurements for a dipole and inverted V antenna, with a small benefit of a picture showing both designs. Always handy if your like me constantly making up antennas and your math skills lack at times

  • PHP Call Book Log    -:: DOWNLOAD ::-

    I use my linux program for logging now but before that I used my webserver to do it. Here is everything you need to get it set up and working. Only requirements is a webserver that supports php and mysql, which 99% do. If your hosting doesnt offer that then keep in mind they are ripping you off

  • Ham Radio Text Based Logger    -:: DOWNLOAD ::-

    Trying to get more experience in different scripting and programming I got pushed towards doign the text based ham radio logging program due to the fact gambas isnt ported to the x64 processor yet so the graphical ham radio logging program wont run on my laptop.

    Solution build a new one!. I have made using bash scriptign a text based logger that does essentially everything the graphical one does, except in a text based format.

    Everything you need is built into every linux distribution except for the links web browser which is used to view the help and do call sign lookups

Windows Software

  • Ham Radio Prefix Lookup    -:: DOWNLOAD ::-

    To make it easier to find out where a contact might be you can do a lookup of it. Type in any prefix of a callsign any the country and any subsequent information will be displayed. Same goes for country, enter an country and any callsign information will be displayed as well. Also has the capability of entering your own information for items in case I missed any prefixes. In case I did please email me so I can distribute a newer database of prefixes for everyone

  • VO1PWF Ham Radio Logger 2.0    -:: DOWNLOAD ::-

    Small enough to be compact large enough to have the features you need. Presenting logger 2.0. Nothing fany nothing elaborate. Tested on windows 2000, xp, xp64, and vista. The program should work fine on windows 98 and up.

    Accepts input for callsign, frequency, mode, date, time, rst, notes, qsl received and sent. Allows searching, find next, updating, adding, deleting, Help is included built in, built in back up, restore, compact & repair. Also has callsign lookup for information, can export full log to CVS and tab files as well as excel spreadsheet. Cut copy paste and undo are all standard now as is better printing support.

  • 1/4 Wave Antenna Calculator    -:: DOWNLOAD ::-

    This program helps in the constuction details of building a 1/4 wave antenna with ground place - radials. Enter the frequency in Mhz and hit calculate to get the resulting lengths of the radiating element and the length of the radials

  • Dipole Inverted V Calculator    -:: DOWNLOAD ::-

    A dipole and inverted V dipole calculator. Enter the frequency in Mhz and hit calculate to get the resulting lengths of the complete dipole and each leg, both for the normal dipole and the inverted V type

  • Loop Calculator    -:: DOWNLOAD ::-

    Loops are amazing antennas and are very very quiet for receiving. They do null off signals on either side and give a low radiation pattern off each end. Although loops are used more so for receiving than transmitting this design takes into account both. Enter the frequency and velocity factor of the 75Ohm cable to be used and hit calculate. It will spit out the results of how long the circumference of the loop should be as well as the length of 75 Ohm cable. Its very important to know the velocity factor of the 75 Ohm cable without it the matching section will not come out properly and trying to get a good 50 Ohm match into the antenna will be more difficult.

    BR> Creating a multi-element antenna from this should be simple. Take the circumference of the radiating element and multiply by 5 percent. Vary the length from the radiating element to give the front to back ratio your looking for. However make sure before you attempt to add a reflector to have the loop perfectly tuned.

    BR> You might want to download my Coax Cable Chart to go by for information on the velocity factors of your coax cable if you do not know yours

  • Morse Code Tutor    -:: DOWNLOAD ::-

    While going for my amateur radio exam I was looking for software to help me learn morse code. After looking at open source and freeware application and being unsatisified I gave up got fed up and coded for 2 hours to perfect my own morse code tutor. Type in any amount of words in the text box and it will send it back to you in morse code.

    There is only one thing I must note: The help menu shows the help url as and an old email, which was the host I had at the time, I was to lazy to change it since. Not a huge inconvience I dont think. If you find it useful please let me know. If time I am hoping to have the same program redone and ported to linux as well