Sony Xperia Ray Media Conversion

I love my sony xperia ray, most people I know are going bigger and better for screen size but I like the small compactness of the ray.

One downside to all cellphones is the video format is typically large, which kills your data for transmision via text or email. Below is a code snippet I use to convert my MP4 videos into a smaller more managable size.

The video file from the phone is ORIGIONAL.mp4, the -strict experimental -r 30 is required as of ubuntu 14.04 / linux mint 17, -s 960x540 is shrinking the size of the video down to a more managable resolution and the outputed file results in SMALLER.mp4

I have typically seen a 30MB video get shrunk down to 7-8MB, not only saving on data charges but SD card space as well