Make thumbnails of all JPGs in local folder

A script that will make thumbnails out of all files in a folder...and then outputs the thumbnails as sm_ORIGINALFILENAME.JPG

I have the thumbnails set to 235 pixels wide and the height will be set automatically and proportionally set. If you want something different, change the 235 in the script to any width you want your thumbnails to be, or if you want the thumbnsils to be based on height put in "x235" to have all thumbs set to 235 pixels high. You get the pictue :-D

Once you have the file saved, make it executable either using graphical tools or from a console
chmod +x the .sh extension tells the graphical enviroment that its a shell script

Copy this file into any directory with the JPG files in it. Double click the script file and select from the options that come up run in terminal. The script should then convert all files in the directory the file is in to lower case. Or you can just run the script from a terminal by typing