Basic Samba Setup

Samba is a linux program that allows you to share files and media between linux / mac / windows computers. Below is a brief how to guide to set up 2 shares, one globally accessable and the other restricted to certain users

First we must install all necessary software

Now create the 2 folders to serve the 2 new shares that we will set up next

Now we need to configure the samba server.

When the text editer opens remove all the text and replace it with the following, saving it when done

This assumes you have a user john, change it to suit any users you have/will be giving access to. Everyone will be able to access the upload folder but only john will be able to access the secured folder. Now we need to set a password for john (Samba keeps its own password database)

If you ever need to edit johns password use the following

Or to remove the user john from samba

Now restart samba and once it has restarted go to the other machines on your network and view the network share(s)