Compiling Latest (v1.7) WSJT-X For Raspberry PI

Repositories are good but not always up to date. And the makers of WSJT-X do a great job on the software but they do not compile DEB's for ARM processors.

So if you want the latest version with all the bells and whistles you need to compile it from source. Generally it isnt hard but it is time consuming.

For my compile I am using a raspberry pi 2....they say the pi3 has much better performance but no matter what version of pi you have the following instructions should work for you.

Now we have to get the latest version of hamlib so that WSJT-X can talk to your radio. First get the latest TAR.GZ file (source file) from the main website.

Extract the TAR.GZ file and open a console in the the extracted folder.

Install required files

Now we build and install the library

Now to compile WSJT-X we have to download the source code for WSJT-X, go to and find the TGZ file (at the verry bottom of the page. As of this how to the source code for 1.7.0 can be downloaded by clicking here

Or on the PI itself download it via

Then extract the file

Go into that folder, but before we compile we need to make sure we have everything in place to be able to compile it.

Now we can go ahead and compile WSJT-X, this takes a VERY VERY LONG TIME. If you dont see anything happeneing on the screen for a while dont panic. Just let the compile run and do its thing.

Once done you should have a full fledge latest WSJT-X up and running. On the console run "" wsjtx "" and from there you need to configure it to your radio.

That part is beyound the scope of this how to.

Good luck, and see you on the air