Raspberry Pi Project

Installing the RTL-SDR TV Dongle Driver

There has been a sudden burst of usage over the RTL-SDR dongles as they allow average tv tuner cards to act like wide band receivers / scanners. This guide will help set up the driver for the pc card / usb stick. Run the following as root or sudo each command.

First we make sure the system is up to date

Now install all required software to build the driver

Clone the repository so we can compile it

Build the software

Install the driver. The second command should show no result

Plug the USB dongle in

Some final steps

Once the system has rebooted test the tuner

This should result in the driver showing the availble device and its capabilities. You can now run software to use / decode signals and listen to them.

There is a build in FM tuner in the driver package....test a FM station operating at 101.1 FM