PSCP Without Entering A Password

Most office enviroments you have a mixture of windows and linux servers. I have covered how to scp files without a password before for linux, heres how to scp from a windows box to a linux box without a password using key files

On the Windows download pscp and puttygen at

Start puttygen, click generate, randomly move your mouse over blank area to generate public/private key pair.

The key pair is generated is displayed in the text areain puttygen. Save the file private-key as “private-key.ppk”, and public-key file as “public-key″

Upload “public-key″ to ~/.ssh folder on the linux box. Then run the following commands to convert the key to linux format then import the key into your authorized keys file.

Now on the windows box you can SCP without a password as long as you specify the private key file, using this format