Using Ipod Nano on Linux

For those who are using debian and more so ubuntu then you may have trouble like I did with using the ipod nano and possibly other versions of the ipod

The problem is the ipod is detected on the system which can be confirmed with a lsusb command. To fix the problem you need to update your system in order for it to detect the ipod and properly mount it as a file system

Download the nano.tar.gz file and uncompress it to extract the *.deb files contained within it. Go into the folder/directory you extracted the files into within the terminal program and execute dpkg -i *.deb. As well install any dependancies that might come up with installing those files. I didnt have any but I know some systems arent as up to date as mine.

Once installed reboot your computer and plug in your ipod. It should be detected and mounted at this point. I use gtkpod to modify the files on my ipod but there are several usefull apps that will help do the job.