Installing a PL-259 Connector

Follow the below steps and pictures to get the best result with installing PL-259 connectors on coax

Remove the outter rubber from the cable, just to the length of the connector. The PL-259 unscrews apart, place the rube portion through the cable and leave the part with the tip aside for the time being.

Make sure while doing so you do not cut into the braided outter shield of the cable

Haul the braiding back over the cableing

At the point of where the braid is bend back place a small bit of black electrical tape around the inner white plastic. This will help prevent any shortages and make having to redo the connector over and over again.

Snip off the outer white dielectric just above where the electrical tape ends

Make sure you do not cut the inner conductor, as well as give the tip a slight twist to keep it tight.

Tin the center conductor with solder, you may have to use flux to clean it first, it all depends on the type of cabling.

Place the PL-259 part with the tip onto the cable. The hole in the tip is where the center conductor of the cable should poke through. Once that is done screw the barrel / tube portion onto the tip portion. Snip off any excess center conductor of the cable off in case there is a lot protruding, then solder the center conductor of the cable onto the tip with a touch of solder.

You may have a lot of braid left over once the connector is assembled, Just snip off any excess.

Just leave a little bit left over to help make sure the braid is nice and secure to the body of the connector.

Fold up the excess braid over the connector

Some connectors will hold solder others wont. If possible tin the excess braid with solder.

Make sure once you solder it it is tight to the butt end of the connector

Finally tape up the braided end with electrical black tape to make sure that it is getting sufficient contact with the external part of the connector as well as to protect is against the elements. This is A MUST if you are having the connector outdoors. For added protection once I have the coax connected to its source I tape it all around then seal it with a silicone sealant. This makes a perfect waterproof seal