Half Square Antenna

Below are instructions for a 2m / 144Mhz antenna but follow along to make one for any band

I love this antenna, not just because its useful but its soo simple to make. The theory behind it is simple as well...two vertical pieces that are 1/4 wavelength and the top portion is a 1/2 wavelength. The top portion is connected to one vertical piece and is where the center conductor is connected to it and the braid/shield is connected to the other vertical portion.

The dimensions I worked out for 2m is 20" for the vertical pieces and 40 inches for the top. The perfect antenna to have hidden behind drapes or a blind in case you need to go stealth in your operations. I made a 440Mhz antenna the same way. If you have enough wire and height to mount it you can make one for any band.

Notes:: Leave the longest piece 2-3 inches longer than described and cut back the end until you have a low swr. I started with a 1.6 but when I took 2 inches or so off it went down to 1-1 all across the band. Its easier to cut off than add. Below is a picture and diagram to go by. I have mine mounted above a closet door in the shack to hit the local repeaters.

Also below is a picture of the 440Mhz half square I made. Taped to the ledge of a window... dimensions are 6.5" on each leg and the top piece 13" again like the 2m antenna trimmed for best results. When trimming this one its best to do it in very small incriments.