2M / 144Mhz Loop Antenna yagi antenna - 2 element

I was soo happy with the loop antenna I decided to make a yagi out of it. With a helping hand from a friend (thanks jim) I got it together. Basically you keep the loop just like the other project. That being the driven element is 20.6 on each side and fed with 13.25" of 75 Ohm coax, but the 75 Ohm I was using had a velocity factor of .66 so your length may vary depending on the velocity factor. To be sure use my loop calculator on the software page. Tune the loop by minute adjustments in length. Once swr is down (I got mine down to 1-1) move onto the reflector.

Once I found the sweet spot length circumference for the driven I multiplied it by 5%. That gave me a reflector with each side being 21.7". Again you may have to vary this a bit to modifiy your swr. Lucky enough I hit the sweet spot on both driven and reflector first try -dont happen too often with me and antennas believe me-. The reflector is mounted 20" back from the driven. Surrounding buildings and what not may affect gain so to a temporary tap to keep it in place and see if moving it back or forth gives you any better results. The below pictures and diagrams are what I used to build mine. I hope you find this one as easy to build as I did.

NOTE::** To work this antenan for repeaters -vertical polarization- turn the antenna so the point where you solder the center conductor is facing upwards. If you want to work SSB or other modes for horizontal polarization turn it so the center conductor point in on the bottom