Building / Installing Darkice on Raspbian

One neat thing is to utilize a raspberry pi and have it stream audio. The following guide will show how to get compile and install dark ice for raspbian the most commonly used linux distro for the raspberry pi.

I will try to keep up with new versions and keep the download here, but the below instructions will show you how to compile the software from the debian source files the debian repository.

For the quick and lazy Click here to download version 1.3 with mp3 support and install it with the following command

If you find a newer version or your adventurous and want to compile from source follow the below instructions

add the raspbian source repository to your system

Add the following line to the file, save and exit

Update packages and install the darkice dependencies.

Grab the source package for darkice.

Modify the compilation options to match Raspbian.

Beware make wants tabs instead of spaces. To be on the safe side, you can download this rules file instead

Before you build the new .deb package, change the version to reflect MP3 support:

Now change the changelog to the following

Now build and install your custom darkice package.

Darkice is now installed. To configure it, copy the template config file to /etc/

Your configuration will be different than mine but flick through the man pages and you will be up and running in no time