Bicycle Mobile

One of the most adventure mobile you can have with ham radio is bicycle mobile. It can be more difficult especially in a big city lucky for me I live in a rural area and my bike skills match my area. You dont need to go too elaborate as I have but go as far as your needs make it necessary

For my setup I have done the following

The completed bike everything secured and working properly

A close up view of the 5/8 Wave 144Mhz antenna and the eliminator which is a portable car battery charger. It also has a 12v plug in it and has enough juice to charge a handheld and provide quite a few hours of talk time. I tend to go for long bike rides and the vx-150 handheld while quite durable and reliable its battery quickly drains when operated at 5w level

This is the handlebar mount. You could get more fancy and weather proof an enclosure for the radio but I dont take the bike out on rainy days or if its *supposed to* during the day. The hand mic can be replaced by a headset if need be but I do a lot of hiking as well and I prefer a handmic to a headset any day. Once mobile to make sure the mic doesnt pop off I usually just clip it to my colar to make sure its within reach and distance to yak into.

From the front you can barely know your a ham other than the antenna in the back, but a quick floresent flag on top of that and you wouldnt know the difference from a bike flag.

The main thing to keep in mind in bicycle mobile-ing is safety make sure you run all cables in such a way that it wont obstuct your view or function of the bike. Also keep in mind making a few contacts is nice but keep in mind that the body of the hummer h3 on your left and the corvette on the right is a lot harder than your skull WEAR A HELMET!!.