2M / 144Mhz Loop Antenna

Getting into the local irlp system was a real pain at my qth. I played around with several antennas but nothign cut out the noise that was pouring into my receiver. Enter the loop. Loops can be amazing in that way, they are semi directional -signals go out from each side- and signals are rejected from the sides of the antenna. Aim one side of the antenna into the place of the other station and as long as the interference isnt in the same direction you should be in business. I knew this antenna wouldnt be used outdoors so I didnt need to weather proof it nor get a good sturdy frame. However feel free to modify to suit your needs.

To calculate measurements I used my loop calculator which provided me with 82.26 inches in total circumferance and the matching piece of 75Ohm coax would be 13.29 inches. Make the antenna wire (I used speaker wire but any kind of copper will do) in a square and have the coax connected to the antenna in the middle of one side. You have to use 75 Ohm coax connected to the antenna then connect your usual 50 Ohm coax to the other end which would go directly to your radio. Bear in mind that the 75 Ohm coax length is specific to its velocity. The coax I used had a .66 velocity factor. If you do not know what yours is google it and most manufactures list it on their site.

Below are some diagrams and pictures to help you along with your construction