Hooking A Quansheng HT to CellPhone

In the effort to get arpsdroid working using RF...that is using a cellphone to receive and transmit the audio for aprs and use my quansheng to receive and transmit the RF portion I needed to figure out the in between adapter.

After many hair pulling moments and many failed attempts I figured it out.

All you need is 2 x 10uf capacitor and 2 x 10k potentiometers. You can get away with 5k pots but 10k gives a bit more leg room to work with.

I found keeping the audio at max and using the pots to adjust levels is easiest. Otherwise you would have to remember what audio levels you need to set the radio and cellphone to. And if you change radio's or cell phones its easy to adjust levels again without having to desolder and resolder in new resistors.

Use the following as a go by for constuction