Programming The TG-UV2

The TG-UV2 is a really neat radio. In my opinion the only thing lacking is DTMF and easy programmability. If you own one you will do yourself a great benefit in getting the programming cable and doing the programming through the computer.

This requires windows however this method works if you use a virtual box VM and share out the usb to serial device.

Step one: Get the programming cable. I got mine through Deal Extreme.

Step two: Get the driver for the USB to Serial adapter. I had a bugger of a time to get the right driver. So I made it easy, you can download both the XP and windows 7 driver here. NOTE: do not use the windows driver. Install the driver before you plug it in. You need to use the older driver or the programming will not work. If you plugged it in already go into device manager and remove it, install the software then plug it in again.

Step three: Install the software to talk to the radio. You can download it here

Step four: configure the software. Open up the programming software, set the com port (SET->COMMUNICATION PORT). and retrieve the data from the radio (PROGRAM->RETREIVE DATA FROM INTERPHONE). Edit, add, delete information as needed and then write the programming back into the radio (PROGRAM->WRITE DATA FROM INTERPHONE). Turn off the radio, Disconnect the serial cable. Turn back on the radio and your new programming channels should be there.