Slim Jim 450 Ohm J-Pole Antenna For 144Mhz

During covid-2020 I decided to go back and redo some antennas. Needing a new antenna for my apartment dwelling situation I decided to make a new slimjim Jpole. Below is the design I used.

A = 150 cm
B = 2cm gap at the 49cm mark
C = 10cm from bottom connect coax, adjust up or down to get best swr

Both the very top and very bottom have both sides soldered together

The bandwidth will not cover the whole 2m band. But I got 1.5 : 1 swr on most of the band.

If you use long piece of coax to your radio its best to use a choke balun just below the jpole to stop RF from coming back on your coax to your radio.