Add Watermark To JPG File(s)

A script that will add a PNG image such as a watermark to all jpg files in the folder the script is located in.

Create a file of a useful name and in that file insert the following

Once you have the file saved, make it executable either using graphical tools or from a console
chmod +x the .sh extension tells the graphical enviroment that its a shell script

Copy this script file into the directory with jpg files you want to watermark. Edit the script file and change the text PATH_TO_PNG to the full path and filename of the PNG file to use as a watermark. Double click the script file and select from the options that come up run in terminal. The script should then watermark all jpg files with your png image. Once completed you will still have all your origional JPG files as well as your watermarked files (those will have _watermarked in the filename).