Playing and burning DVDs in Linux

For ubuntu installs you cannot read or burn copyrighted dvd's at first due to a legality problem. It is a fairly easy fix though.

First if not already installed you must install libdvdread3, from a console
sudo apt-get install libdvdread3

Once that is done you must run a script by typing again into the console /usr/share/doc/libdvdread3/examples/

You should now be able to ready and copy copyrighted dvd's. Which is great for backing up your dvd movie collection :-)

Typically you copy a dvd to an iso image then burn it. Before burning, you might want to check out the image. make sure its an exact copy check it out and even test watch the iso

Depending on the security setup you have you may have to type these commands as root by typing sudo in front of them
mkdir /mnt/iso to create a folder to mount the iso into
mount /tmp/MyMovie.iso /mnt/iso -t udf -o loop to actually mount the iso
cd /mnt/iso to go into the folder

Now you can explore the image you just made! To check it against the origional disc insert the origional dvd into the drive and in a console type

diff /mnt/iso /mnt/dvd -r "/mnt/dvd" is the typical mount point for dvd's change this to reflect your typical mounting point
The command above might take some time, If it doesn't write anything to the screen, then the dvd and iso are exactly the same. If the command spits out something then there is errors in making the iso and you should try again.

If you have xine installed (if you dont in a terminal type sudo apt-get install xine-ui to install it) you can watch the dvd-iso as well. by typing
xine dvd:///tmp/MyMovie.iso

If you are lucky enough to have mplayer installed then you can skip a lot of steps, such as mounting it and what not and watch the iso-dvd in mplayer by typing in a terminal
mplayer dvd://1 -dvd-device /home/username/path/to/the/movie.iso

Hopefully that helps in aiding your dvd watching, burning and backing up operations

When you are done checking everything out you unmount the iso by typing umount /mnt/iso