Morse Code Oscilator Home Brew

In early 2014 I wanted to have another crack at getting my morse certificate... only problem I did not have an oscilator. After trying a handful of buzzers I had which irritated the ears after a while, I then found plans online and followed it. The results are below.

First the schematic. I found the schematic online and after looking at it and breadbording it I found it was a high pitch tone so I put in a different resistor to knock it down to 700hz, which to me was more pleasing over a long period.

Now time to test it out...woohoo in concept it works!!

Found an old circuit board, chopped it up and put the components on it.

Thanks to a kind donation from a friend I was able to aquire a nice project case. Tight squeeze but it fit.

How convenient....didnt notice the battery slide out compartment until I had it 1/2 assembled...paid too much attention to not breaking wires :-S

Nice and neat...I think this is the first project I can say that.

Even though you cant see it when operating I wanted to go the extra mile and do a nice speaker drill out design, found one online and drilled it out.

If you use this design and do any improvements I would love to know...drop me an email anytime.