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  • - Ubuntu : The most known and possibly the mose used distribution. Excellent for desktops notebooks netbooks and the like
  • - Debian : Very strong solid secure distribution
  • - Redhat : can be used for desktop use but geared towards enterprise and comercial uses
  • - Centos : community driven version of redhat
  • - LinuxMint : Based on Debian but a much nicer front end and personal distribution of choice
  • - Puppy Linux : Machines with very low resources will greatly benefit from this light weight distro
  • - Knoppix : Is a live cd distrobution, great for overall use, traveling or rescueing a system from a crash
  • - Slackware : The granddaddy of them all.....probably the oldest distrobution out there and still a nice solid platform

There are many more disributions out there but those above are the ones I have used tried or have interacted with.