HF Indoor Antenna For 80M (but adaptable)

At the time I was in an apartment where I couldnt set up an outside antenna so I listened mostly. This antenna technically could be used to transmit but its not reccommended. Basically its a helical antenna and terminated with a capacitor hat at the top. Design is simple, take a dowel, mop handle or anything that is close to that size and shape that doesnt conduct. Then take 100 feet (give or take) of wire which must be insulated and wrap it around the stick, leaving enough at the base to go to your radio or enough to stick a pl-259 onto. When you have wound up all that wire tightly and you get to the point where your about 18 inches from the top stop winding and place the wire straight. Then take the end of the wire and attatch it to the capacitor hat and secure it to the wooden dowel. I used a round piece of aluminum but anything flat conductive and around 10 inches across will do, more width the better but no need to over do it. When done take the wire at the bottom and attatch it to your radio, or just solder it to the center conductor of a coax then attatch that to your radio.

Simple antenna and half easy to assemble just got to have nimble fingers to wound all that wire. I found it was a very good receiving antenna. As with any helical type of antenna if used to transmit it will do so but in a very broad range. NOT RECOMMENDED!!!. I have used this antenna as a receive while transmitting on a dipole I found it excellent. For constucting the antenna you can use the below image for reference.