Dual Band Vertical With Groundplane

In the effort of trying to get into a local 440 repeater (which I was in its blind side) and trying not to have too many antennas inside the apartment I built this antenna. It worked out very well with almost flat 1-1 SWR across both bands. However it still did not give me the *punch* into the repeater I needed.

Only thing you need to build it is a so-239 chassis mount. Use the following diagram as a go by. The only thing I found absolutely critical is the spacing between the 2m and the 440 elements. If you have a high swr adjust the spacing would be the first advice I can give. I found the angle of the ground plance not that critical although as with most VHF+ 1/4 wave you should strive for 45 degrees downward. But I found with my setup having them straight out worked out just as well.