2M / 144Mhz Dipole Vertical Antenna

Excellent portable and bicycle mobile antenna and even a permanent station antenna. Gives 360 degree signal equal in all directions which for my case is good as repeaters are all over the place.

Construction is simple; two pieces of wire 19.5" long and regular 50 Ohm coax. Solder one piece to the center the other piece to the braid. Shortly after the soldering joint create a choke balun by turning the coax in a small circle 4-6 times to keep RF from feeding back heavily. If the coax is going straight down you can have the wire connected to the braid taped to it. To get best swr results trim the the wire connected to the center conductor. I luckily didnt have to trim anything off mine, as its dead flat on 146.600Mhz which is very near the most used repeater in this area. Below are some pictures and diagrams to help aid in construction.