Change Network Card MAC Address

At times its nice to change your MAC address of your network card. I found it useful when I was on someone else's cable internet, as most of those are restricted to one MAC address only, simply changing your mac address to the legit one and viola your online. Following the steps below will help you do the same

from a console type command: ifconfig eth0 hw ether 001122334455

eth0 is the network card interface name and if you only have one ethernet card then that is what you will use. If howerver you have multiple network cards the second card is refered to as eth1, the third refered to as eth2, and so on and so forth. Change the above command to suit the network card you are changing. The numbers 001122334455 are number and letters pertaining to the mac address itself. Change this part of the command to the MAC address you want to use.