TG-UV2 TX Frequency Mod

Open up 350Mhz - 390Mhz

The TG-UV2 is a neat radio and with a simple mod you can transmit in the 350 - 390 Mhz Rage. Follow guide below to activate:

1) Turn radio off
2) Press and hold BAND key
3) Turn radio on while holding BAND key
4) Screen will show six stars ******
5) Release BAND key
6) Enter 350390
7) Radio will beep once

You can now TRX in those frequencies. To reverse, repeat procedure.

440 Band Locked Out

It occured to me once after a reset. I could not operate on some parts of the 440 band. To allow full operation throughout the band:

1) Turn OFF radio
2) Press and hold MON+PTT (both buttons on the side)
3) Turn ON and wait about 3 sec for an extra "beep"
4) Now you can release PTT+MON

Repeat procedure if you need to reverse the lock.