3D Model For Analog Volt Meter Clock

Me and my buddy crossed paths on another project. Using a ardiuno nano in combination with a real time clock you control 3 x 5v analog volt meters to show the hours minutes and seconds of a clock. All enclosed in a 3d printable housing that allows you to have a name plate, emblum, or call sign.

To complete this project you will need the following components.

Build Materials:
- Download and print the 3d models to complete the enclosure

- An arduino nano ...feel free to order this from whereever.

- 3 x volt meters which you can order here. You will also need to take off the front plastic plates of them and replace the backplate with clock faces. I cut out the templates and glued them onto the light metal plate of the meters and reassembled them. You can download the templates here and be sure to print them without resizing

- DS3231 real time clock which you can order here

- Power connector which you can order here Which in case the site doesnt load properly the mouser part # is 490-PJ-008A

- The arduino code that controls it all as well as giving you an interface to set the time, test the meters, etc.

You can use the following two schematics as a guide for wiring. Click to download the enlarged version which is most likely a lot easier to read

And assembly will look like this...

Once assembled load up the Arduino IDE found at https://www.arduino.cc/en/Main/Software.

write the code found above to the arduino nano....Go into tools->serial monitor and from there you can find the text based interface to read time, set time, test meters and more.