3D Model For A Dipole Center V2.0

After my origional design I redid a new one. I did the 1.0 design with the intentions of keeping everything open to make it easy to access and fix in the field if need be. However I quickly found I never needed to.

Soo I made 2.0 version with a smaller footprint thats a bit better, has multiple rope pulling points and can easily perform strain relief when it comes to the dipole elements.

I made it diamond shape to make it easier to get up through brances when hoisting the antenna in place and in a portable station its just as needed to make it easy to get down. So I made the lower edges angled to help with coming down through branches.

This should be good for not only portable but full time operations. Print in a nice green color and you can keep it camouflaged :-)

Download the design HERE