144Mhz Quarter Wave Antenna

Very quick and easy antenna to make, a couple of welding rods, a pl-259 chassis mount, nuts, bolts, and ring conenctors. Cut one rod to 19 1/4" and cut 4 more rods 20" in length. Solder on ring connectors to the 4 20" rods, and solder the 19.25" rod to the tip of the chassis mount pl-259. Take the 4 rods with ring conenctors and using the bolts and nuts attatch them to the 4 holes in the chassis mount pl-259. Bend them down 45 degree's to make them act as a ground plane. Last make a small bend in the top radial element this way its easier to hang up. Attatch your coax to the pl-259 connector and viola a 1/4 wave 144Mhz antenna.