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Installing Dump1090 ADS-B Decoding Software

One of the many uses of a RTL-SDR tv tuner stick is the cabaility of receiving high frequency ranges like those used on aircraft to track position, speed, etc. One software that turns your dongle into a virtual radar screen is dump1090. This guide will show you how to install it.

Make sure you have the driver installed...if not see the RTL-SDR driver installion guide

Skip the following if you already used my guide to install the driver, otherwise prep the system for software compiling

Get the software so you can compile it

Compile the program

Plug in the RTL-SDR tv dongle and run the software.

You can run dump1090 in a console

You can run dump1090 in a console as well as a web based version:

Open up a web browser and go to http://THE-IP-ADDRESS-OF-THE-RASPBERRY-PI:8080

There you will find a google map style insterface showing the aircraft and information about them on the right