Installing And Using CONE With Gmail

Cone is a great console e-mail reader in my humble opinion...below is how to install cone and configure it so that it reads and sends your gmail email.

First we install cone

Start cone

Press M for Main Menu
Press N for a New account
Press I for IMAP

Now you should be in the account setup screen.

Below is the configuration you need...replace with your own account

Account Name: Gmail
Server: imap,
Use an Encrypted Connection: Put a X in the check box using the spacebar
Then, if everything is correct, press Login.
Go to the Gmail INBOX folder and press ENTER. Then you'll see all the mail in your inbox

We have receiving email ok now we need to set up cone so that it will send email

Press M for main menu
Press S for Setup
Go to the field Outgoing SMTP server and type
For SMTP userid (optional) type in your gmail account name (not your full email...everything before the @ symbol)
Go to the "Use SMTP over Tunneled SSL" field
Now scroll all the way down and at the bottom hit SAVE

Now we need to send a test email and change the header information to get gmail to send properly

Press W for new email
Press CTRL+F for Full headers
Change in the From field the part between the "" to YOURGMAILACCOUNT@GMAIL.COM
Send the mail with CTRL+X press Y to send it

It will ask for your SMTP password enter in your gmail password
It will ask, memorize the headers? press Y, and press Y again

When you first load up cone again you will see "My Email" and "Online Tutorial" ....once you have sucessfully added your gmail account these 2 can be removed (Delete with SHIFT+D).

Some quick navigation tips:

To read a mail, select one and press ENTER To get back to the inbox then press I (SHIFT+i) To reply to an Email, press R, and press CTRL+X to send it To attach a file, press CTRL+T, select the file, type a description and choose if you want to inline it. To send a new email (without replying) press W then CTRL+X to send it