3D Model For T200 Balun Box

I discovered how awesome a long wire is but you just need a balun to bring it down to a tolerable impedance. After trying to reuse a project box I decided it was easier to print one to make it fit right and simply install the parts.

This is design 1.1 as I found after a year up in a tree the column holding the balun in place came loose. Just needed a slightly bigger hold to the bottom of the box. So I put a tapered edge to the bottom of the cylinder. This should fix that issue

The design includes a handle to help hoist it in a tree, and I added a small slot to install a zip tie to help in wire / connector strain relief for the main long wire. I also printed off the cover with texted etched in it so you dont forget what wire goes where. I have covered how to make the balun using different torroid cores under the hamradio section of the site. Here I just include the model design.

Download the design HERE